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Exeter Corned Beef

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Salt-cured beef product that can incorporated in so many breakfast dishes and sandwiches.

Exeter Corned beef is widely enjoyed all over the world in a large variety of dishes. Use it to make dips, sandwiches, or a special holiday dinner.

The “Corned” part of corned beef refers to the “corns” of salt originally used to preserve the meat, but today it is brined with salt water instead.

Fun Fact: Corned beef cans come with their own key to open the tin. During WW1 & WW2, corned beef was produced to provide soldiers with protein, and needed to be stored as efficiently as possible. Round tins waste space, so square-ish tins were utilized. You can’t open a square tin with a regular tin opener, so that’s why come with their own key! 

3/4 Lb