Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy From Jálè?

With African food and culture on the rise, there are more and more online and offline stores where you can purchase African goods.

Free Shipping Over $49.99

When you stock up your pantry, oftentimes that's also associated with a high shipping bill! The more you buy, the more it weighs.

Not at Jálè. Your order ships FREE when you spend $49.99 or more. And for orders under $49.99, you pay just $9.99.

Buy and save more on shipping, exclusively at Jálè.

Same Day Shipping

When you want to try a new recipe, you don't want to want to wait weeks to try a new spice or ingredient.

We are fortunate that Jálè's headquarters and warehouse is centrally located in the United States so your order can arrive from wherever state you live in, quickly.

Most orders placed before 5 pm Central time at Jale ship the same day and usually arrive within a few days. 

Quality, Unexpired Goods

Purchasing groceries and goods online doesn't have to be a game of roulette.

One of the reasons we started Jálè as a business was oftentimes other, less honest sellers would scratch off expiration dates of products—you never knew how fresh the product you were paying for really was!

Especially when these ingredients come imported from other countries, that reduces the time it stays fresh.

At Jálè, we're upfront about freshness dates and will never ship you a product past its "best before" date. And if a product is nearing its ideal quality date, we'll let you know and oftentimes reduce its price to give you the best value possible.

So, you are always in the know and in control.