Cookbook Review: African Food Recipes for Weaning Toddlers

Olaitan Bello, founder of Jálè, became aware of the cookbook Micah’s Meals while looking for recipes for her own young children.

“My kids love the food. My son’s favorite recipe is Creamy Beans and Vegetable Porridge."
-Olaitan Bello

This guide for introducing small children to the flavors and textures of african cuisine features bright, colorful photographs as well as adorable illustrations of dancing vegetables. 

"A family favorite at our house is the Ogbono with Mackerel Soup.” -Olaitan Bello

Micah's Meals was written by energy economist and author, Amaka Benson.

Amaka's passion for raising wholesome, well rounded children is inspired by her own experience as a mother.

"From writing my first book on weaning our children “Micah’s Meals”, to my second book on developing good sleep habits for our children “Sleeping Baby, Happy Parents”, I legit eat, sleep and dream raising happy, confident, empathetic, God fearing children." -Amaka Benson

The cookbook includes over 180 easy & nutritious recipes, nutritional information, weaning advice & menu plans.

Micah's Meals can be purchased on Amaka Benson's Website.