Afro fusion recipes contributor at Jale

Here at Jálè, we are happy to announce our collaboration with Buki of Buka Buki for unique, innovative and great Afro centric recipes. 


Buki is half Swiss and half Yoruba, she owns Buka Buki (Buka a Hausa word means neighborhood restaurants). Her Afro fusion culinary style sets her apart from others. Having spent much of her life in both Switzerland and Nigeria, countries individually diverse in culinary style. Buki has developed a taste and passion for food, that’s not usually seen. She loves to experiment with different flavors and cuisines and never fails to create innovative, tasty and delicious healthy meals for her children and ever growing Swiss clients list.

What’s more, she is also a terrific baker. Deserts like her scrumptious chocolate cake or her white chocolate and mango cheesecake and even her Gari chocolate chip cookies made with Cassava flour, to mention a few are bound to leave anyone craving for more. In fact, the Gari chocolate chip cookies are one of her healthy, gluten-free inventions, which are delectable to the core and preferred by people from all walks of life.

She credits both her grandmothers for honing her cooking skills, she spent long hours in their kitchens learning to make all kinds of dishes that were so different from each other (Swiss and Nigerian ) but contributed to her deep love of cooking and mixing things up. With extensive culinary experience in preparing Afro fusion food, she brings forth a unique blend of great quality and flavorsome food that are easy to recreate in your own kitchen. Buki is always willing to learn, grow and explore her craft, which has further helped her to carve a successful career for herself.

At Jálè she is looking to provide food lovers with exciting Afro fusion recipes that are second to none. Her years of experience, ability to prepare a wide variety of cuisines and unique culinary approach makes her a truly wonderful and gifted chef and she rightly sums it up by saying, “Join me in my culinary fusion adventures as I take you on an amazing journey through food.”

You can find more great recipe from her pages

Intagram: @bukabuki_